Letter to the people of Wisconsin

To the people of Wisconsin,

Your battle is taking the spirit of the Maghreb onto the paved streets at the heart of capital. For those of us living next to – in – the edifices of power, it seemed there was little hope to be gained. We remained fixed to our screens, watching revolts taking place far away in a networked world, becoming ever more alienated from our own potential.

But the acts of the working class in Wisconsin have changed this feeling. The situation in the US is unmistakeable: the federal government socialises private losses and then devolves these downwards to individual States, who, with greater or lesser enthusiasm, pass them on to individual workers. Pension costs double, wages are frozen, rights to collective bargaining are assailed. Who in Britain could fail to see their own situation reflected in all this, as our own councils bend over backwards to pass the budget cuts handed down to them?

And then, amid the continuing reports of turmoil in Libya, Tunisia and Palestine, we hear the intermittent American English voice, so similar to our own, expounding a politics equally radical to its Arabic counterparts.

When we see images of the signs held up by workers in Wisconsin (‘Hosni Walker’), we recognise an internationalism that may yet be — and which expresses the desire to struggle to become — as potent as the internationalism of capital. We learn from that lesson. And in a small gesture of response, we write to you,

In solidarity and hope,

Anti-Cuts Space London

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