PRESS RELEASE: Anti-Cuts Activists Occupy Grade One-Listed Building In Bloomsbury

Sunday 27th February

Anti-Cuts Activists Occupy Grade One-Listed Building In Bloomsbury

This weekend students, lecturers and university staff occupied a
building belonging to Royal Holloway, University of London, in Bedford
Square. The group, ‘Anti-Cuts Space’ , have said that the building is
open to all those working within the anti-cuts movement to meet,
organize, and use available resources. For the duration of the
occupation, the building will be called the Anti-Cuts Space, London.

George Kalamaras, a student at Royal Holloway, said:
“Our occupation has been carried out with the express intention of
equipping anti-cuts movements with the resources they need. This is a
new tactic for the movement.”

The opening meeting held in the space on Friday night was attended by
more than 70 activists from a range of social movements, student
movements, and anti-cuts campaigns.

The occupiers have issued the following statement:

“The poorest and most vulnerable in society are being attacked – this
is no longer a distant, ominous future. It is happening now. The
program of austerity being conducted by this government condemns us

“To defeat it, students must join with the wider anti-cuts movement.
We share the same goals and we must share the same spaces. To
co-ordinate, organise and build the movement we must come together.
Communities, take your spaces. Students, take all spaces.

“Inspired by the campaigns and actions springing up across the
country, we are opening this as a space to link up and share ideas and
strategies for how to fight the cuts.

“We urge others around the country to act now. Resistance is an
emergency situation, and the escalation towards the demo on March 26th
is our most urgent task. We can never win in isolation, but everything
is possible if we recognize our collective strength. Occupy
everywhere. Link up. Find each other. Resist.”


This release was forwarded to numerous offline and online publications and press agencies as well as freelance journalists earlier on today.

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