Exploring the Anti-Cuts Grid.


On February 25th we occupied 11 Bedford Square. We took the building, in part, because we didn’t want to continue to participate in the student movement from the point at which it left off, in mulish acceptation of the passed bills, the brutalisation of the protesters, the political carnival packing up and moving on. What were we to do? Resume again, with our demands structurally adjusted? Freeze the fees? But to what end? We see nothing to gain in just asking for less, as if asking for less might mean anything more than simulating political sobriety in a game where the returns are perpetually diminishing.

The Anti-Cuts Space is an organising centre for all those who work against social austerity. We want to link up practical struggles. The requisition of underused university resources is one means to that end. But we want also to help to develop a sense of how it is that the state’s ‘attacks’ on the proletariat add up to more than the sum of their parts. We want to anticipate how our whole lives will be shaped under the cumulative pressure of a programme of austerity.

In extending an invitation to anyone who wants to run an organising event in the building, we’ve compiled, partly for our own benefit, the following (incomplete) list of fronts on which battles over state spending are contested. The list is in no particular order. We mean it as a stimulant. Get in touch. Propose a workshop, a talk. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, come down to a scheduled meeting on something that affects you. We’re interested in historical alternatives and failures, present possibilities: everyone is exposed to the effects, everyone should find a space to speak them.

We’ll start to schedule informal meetings on these issues soon. Expect us to propose discussions in the coming days. Join in.


Anti-Cuts Space London

Public Libraries
Welfare reform
Housing Benefits
Social Housing
Housing for the young
Unemployment, wagelessness, Arbeitslosigkeit
Public sector jobs
Public sector pay and pensions
Higher Education
Further Education
Education (academies, free schools)
Social work
Refugees and migration
Union regulations, collective bargaining rights, etc.
State repressive apparatuses (police and prisons)
Fire services
Legal structures: courts, judges, legal aid
Ununionised worker organisation
PFI/privatisation schemes
Precarious work, interns
Ecology, forests, animal welfare
Retirement Age Review (and France)
Governance Structures (civil service, council)
Nurseries/ Child care
Respite care and disability

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3 Responses to Exploring the Anti-Cuts Grid.

  1. Er…how do the BBC and privatisation schemes come into this?

  2. Frances Coppola says:

    Can we do without the Marxist terminology please? It’s off-putting for those of us who don’t subscribe to that ideology but are opposed to these cuts and want to do something about it.

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