It’s not how big your society is… it’s what you do with it!

On Thursday night Dougald Hine will be giving a talk at the anticutsspace under the title ‘First Life’. Below are a few words from Dougald posted on his own blog;

” For a long time, people talked about the internet as if it was about virtualising more and more areas of our lives. In 2004, I got involved in editing a DIY email zine called Pick Me Up. Our Friday afternoon emails were meant to inspire you to do something more interesting than check your email on a Friday afternoon. Together, we stumbled into the possibility that the best thing about the web wasn’t what happened in front of a screen, but the ways we could use it to organise face-to-face, in the real world, in First Life.

Following that possibility has led me to creating projects like School of Everything, Space Makers and the Dark Mountain Project. I’m currently writing about the borderlands between technology, policy and activism, so I’d like to share some of the stories and ideas I’m writing about – and think about their implications for resistance and for creating a society in which we really are “all in this together.”

If you can’t make it, I’ll take my Zoom H4 along, so there should be decent audio.”

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