Open Letter to Royal Holloway Management and CIS Security

To Whom It May Concern,

Five days into our occupation and security guards employed by CIS Security are still arriving for their shifts here without having being informed that they are providing security for an occupation and will not be able to enter the building. This means that security staff are arriving at 11 Bedford Square to work twelve hour night shifts and without the equipment they require to keep warm.

Our position is that we will provide security for the duration of the occupation and that these workers do not need to be assigned here. But since we understand that they will probably be assigned anyway (because our offers to management have tended so far to be ignored), we would like to request that CIS security inform its staff what conditions they will be working under when they come to 11 Bedford Square; and furthermore, that it provides them with adequate equipment so that they may at least work in comfort. We forward this letter to the University of London, who we think should be concerned at the way their contractor treats its staff; and to Unison, who we hope will take up the issue of mistreatment of both unionised and ununionised private sector workers.

Anti-Cuts Space London

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