Hundreds Gather Outside Spanish Embassy in London as Protest Movement Grows Ahead of Forthcoming Elections

Communique from Acampa da Londres which is currently in Belgrave Square opposite the Spanish Embassy in London

On the 21st of May, over 700 people gathered in front of the Spanish embassy in London, supporting what is now known as the ‘Spanish Revolution’. This movement only started a week before, and has already spread all over Spain. Demonstrations are not only occurring in Spain, but also all over the world. Rome, Berlin, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and a long list of other cities have seen people take to the streets to fight for their rights. And now, this movement is also taking place in London.

Raquel Clifford, a spokesperson for London’s Social Spanish Movement, explains the situation, “We are here to claim our right. The right to a real democracy. We are tired of the current system. We are outraged, knowing that our voices are not really heard. We are angry because the people that are supposed to represent us aren´t doing so. We are sick of this system, and we wont have it.”

The demonstrators have divided their tasks into different groups, such as press, planning, online media, and visual media.

Hugo de Armas, who has been part of the demonstration since the beginning said, “We have the duty of spreading this movement as far as possible. Because the same problems that affect us affect them too.”

The atmosphere of the protest has been a peaceful one. People have demonstrated by shouting canticles, jumping around, and clapping. Guillermo Lopez a spokesperson for Democracia Real Ya, said about the day to day plans, “We have arranged a cacerolada (which means saucepan in Spanish and consists in making  a lot of noise with cutlery) and have been staying overnight since Friday. We plan on staying at least until Sunday, which is the day of the municipal elections in Spain. We have been working since dawn ipreparing all of our daily activities. We hold large group discussions regarding the current political situation, encourage everyone to express their concerns, and read the manifest our comrades in Spain are currently writing and debating”

“Politicians don´t represent us” the crowd said.

Esther Romero, who is in charge of the press, wants to make clear that the process does not belong to a certain political agenda “Conservative, Liberal, socialists, religious, non-religious, pro-monarchy, republicans, etc. are here together because of the rejection of our current political system. It is not the movement of a specific party.”

Photos are here

Twitter: @acampadalondres

The Facebook page is here

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